Harrier Colors

A good hound can't be a bad color!

 In regards to color, the Harrier Breed Standard states:

"Color - Any color, not regarded as very important." 

 However, you will see two main groups of color, the tri-colors (Black, Tan & White) and Red & White.  Within these two groups, you can see a huge variation in coat pattern and color shading. Other colors do exist, White, Lemon & White, Black & Tan and more, however, we don't generally see these colors in North America.  Below is an attempt to show you the many different patterns you will see. They are all correct and they are all equally as good as each other.


The Tri-color is a hound that is comprised of three main colors which are black, tan & white.   We see two main coat patterns, those that have a full saddle or those that are "open-marked".  Within those two patterns, individuals have a wide range of markings. Some hounds have blazes on their faces, some don't, some have a lot of white, some don't.   You will see a huge variety in shading, particularily in the tan color which can range from a deep red to a pale tan.  Tri-color puppies are born black and white and the tan gradually grows in as the Harrier grows up.  You don't really know how much black a particular puppy is going to keep, some keep a lot, and some lose so much of their black that they are mistaken for a red & white.



Red & White

The Red & White can also range in shading from a pale tan to a deep red.  They can also have a saddle or be open-marked, although the open-marked seems to be more commonly seen.  Red & Whites are born white or with some red color.  The red will change and usually darken as they get older, however, we have no way of knowing what color a particular hound will end up becoming.  As the web page editor receives more pictures of red and whites of different hues, they will be added.