Selected Harrier Reading

"Harrier Club of America Pedigree Volume 1885-1995"
John Auborn, Harrier Club of America, Inyokern, CA, 1995 Source for most of the material presented in these html pages. Includes a history of Harriers in the US, show records, and complete 5 generation pedigrees and photos of all Harrier AKC Champions of Record.
"Harrier Club of America 1994,95,96,97 Yearbooks"
John Auborn, Harrier Club of America, Inyokern, CA, Records all HCA events and winners for that year. Yearbooks include many photos, pedigrees, new titles, and advertisements from Harrier owners and breeders.
"How to Raise and Train a Harrier"
William J Jones, T. F. H. Publications, Jersey City, 1967. Written by Harrier Breeder William Jones, this out of print paperback is worth finding. It is a cheap how-to pet book, but contains a good history of Harriers in the US and many photos of hounds influential in the breed in the 1960's. Good info on Breezewood Harriers.
"Baily's Hunting Directory"
Horse & Hound, Annual Publication. This reference is currently published every year and contains a complete list of Foxhound, Harrier, Beagle, Basset and other organized hunts throughout the world. A current edition is a valuable source of addresses to contact hunts and contains descriptions of each pack, its history, kennels, and hunt country. Results of the Peterborough Royal Hound show and other events are recorded, often with photos. Older volumes are collecters items and contain maps and historical references.
"Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles Stud Books"
various publishers, 1891 to present. These green volumes contain the official record of Harriers in England,Wales, and Ireland, some history of the packs, and the annual Perterborough results and photos. The early volumes were reprinted in a second edition Vol I - 1891-1900, Vol II - 1901-1910. The American Kennel Club Library in New York, and the National Sporting Library in VA have complete sets.
"Hounds, their Breeding and Kennel Management"
Sentinel, Horace Cox, London 1905. Section on Harriers with pedigrees and illustrations of outstanding dogs.
"Hare Hunting and Harriers"
H A Bryden Grant Richards, London, 1903. Interesting history and discussion of Harriers in England.
"Riding to Hounds"
John Williams, J. A. Allen, London, 1989 A good reference on English hunting. Mostly oriented towards foxhunting, but some Harrier material. J A Allen is an excellent source of current and out of print books on hunting.
"The Book of the Hound"
CGE Wilmhurst, Spottiswoode, Ballantyne & Co. Ltd., London 1964. A history of Scent Hounds in UK. Mostly Beagles and Bassets. Section on Harriers. Photos of Breezewood hounds. 1962 Peterborough results. Photo of Cambridgeshire pack w/ Mrs Gingell.
"A Concise Guide to Hunting"
John NP Watson The Sportsman's Press London 1988.
"AKC Gazette "
1990 - Cover and Article on Rare Breeds incl. Harriers; Sept 1936 - Dog Breeds of the World No.66 Harriers, by Freeman Lloyd; March 1961 - The Breeds in Brief No. 108 Harrier
"Horse and Hound"
IPC Magazines, England

Horses & Hounds Hunting Lots of good photos of hunts in England. As the name suggests, the main interest is Horses and the Hound/hunting articles tend to appear during Hunting Season.

C R Acton, Heath Cranton Ltd, London, 1939.
"Hounds Magazine"
Ravensworld Ltd. Shropshire England Excellent source of information on Hunting and Hounds in the UK. This magazine carries reports and photos of Foxhound, Beagle, Harrier, and other hunts as well as many historical articles. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING.
"Hutchinson's Popular & Illustrated Dog Encyclopaedia"
Walter Hutchinson & Co Ltd., London, 1934 . Many good photos of old English, Welsh and Irish packs including Tannat-side, North Kildare, Weston, Holcombe, Vale of Lune, Craven, Lartington, Dart Vale, & Quarme. Promotes idea that true Harriers are "west country" Harriers rather than the "dwarf Foxhounds" of England.
"HCA Newsletter"
Harrier Club of Americas, HCA Ukiah, CA 1992 - present. Published bimonthly, this newsletter contains breed info, color photos, club events, and everything pertaining to the HCA & Harriers in the US & Canada.
"The Harrier"
D. Bergstrom / R. Phillips ed., HCA , Sumner, WA 1979-84 This Newsletter was published by the Harrier Club of America and gives info and photos for Harriers and breeders of that period.
"The Chase, A Modern Guide to Foxhunting"
Michael Clayton , Stanley Paul & Co. Ltd. London 1987.
"Hounds of the World"
Buchanan-Jardine, Sir John, London, 1937.
"Sporting Dogs as Recognized by AKC"
AKC, New York, 1935. Remember that all hounds were "Sporting Group" in those days. Includes an old standard and history. Photo is of Weston Pilot? (same as in Hutchison's).
"The Atlas of Dog Breeds"
Wilcor, 1989 Bonnie DVM Walkowicz Chris Page on the Harrier.
" Deer Hare and Otter Hunting"
Ena Adams et al, J B Lippincott Co, Philadelphia, 1936. Chapter on Harriers by the Earl of Stradbroke.
"Hounds of the World"
Sir John Buchanan-Jardine, Methuen & Co. Ltd., London, England 1937. Chapters on "The Hare Hound", "The Southern Hound", "The Modern Harrier", "The West Country Harrier"-- pages 175-192, color plates and photos.
"British Hunting"
J S Gibbons, SampsonLowe marston & Co. Ltd., London, 1909. Vol I - Chapter on Harriers and their breeding, Vol II - Section devoted to accounts of packs of Harriers in England, Wales, and Ireland.
"American Sporting Dogs"
E V Connett, D Van Nostrand Co., New York 1948. Chapter on "The Harrier".
"British Dogs"
W D Drury, L Upcott Gill, London, 1903. Chapter on "The Harrier".
"A History and Description of The Modern Dogs of Great Britain"
L BRawdon, Horace Cox, London 1909. Chapter on "The Harrier".
L T Ivester, Hutchison Co., London 1934. Chapters on "The Stud Book Harrier", "The Western Harrier", "The Old English Harrier", wonderful color plates and pencil sketches.
"The Complete Foxhunter"
C Richardson, Methuen & Co., London, 1908. Section on Harriers and Beagles.
"The Illustrated Book of the Dog"
V Shaw, Cassel Petter Galpin & Co., London, 1881. Chapter and Illustrations of Harriers.
"The Story of American Foxhunting: From Challenge to Full Cry"
J B VanUrk, Derrydale Press, New York, 1941. Includes Harrier material.