About The Harrier Club


Founded in 1992, the Harrier Club of America (HCA) is now recognized as the Parent Breed Club for Harriers by the American Kennel Club.  Although Harriers have been registered by AKC since 1885, no parent club for the breed was AKC recognized until 1996, despite at least 2 prior attempts in the late 60's and early 80's.

What we know about the 1960's version of the HCA is very limited. They were incorporated and had George Schmidt of Paramus NJ as Secretary. Ed Johnson and John Schwartz were members. This group is mentioned at least twice in Popular Dogs and hoped to have their own shows and field trials.

From 1979-1984, a small group of owners and breeders operated independently, again with the name "Harrier Club of America", sharing information with a newsletter "The Harrier". They announced their formation/incorporation with an advertisement in Dog World. This group supported several shows in Ravenna OH, but lapsed after several years and never obtained AKC status or support. Several of the members are part of the present HCA.

In October of 1991, an Arizona show weekend brought together many Harrier owners who sponsored three days of breed trophies under the name "Harrier Fanciers of America". Shortly afterwards, the AKC contacted many breeders to participate in filming the AKC Harrier breed video. This filming resulted in the formal re-creation of the present "Harrier Club of America" on May 9th 1992 in Lionville PA. At that first meeting, officers were elected, basic rules formulated, and the club has operated continuously since.

The present HCA was designed to be a national club from beginning. Vice presidents were selected from 3 geographic regions, Eastern, Mid West, and Western. The titles of these officers were changed to Directors in 1994. Club activites began with a quarterly newsletter and supported entries. Breed info booths have been present at all supported shows since 1992. The Golden Gate KC benched shows offer a chance to introduce thousands of people to Harriers each year. A Harrier information pamphlet with the AKC breed standard and useful information was written and is given out at these information booths. A Judges packet detailing the Harrier has been prepared and was first used at the 1994 Iowa Judges Association Hound Seminar. This event was put together at the request of the HCA and featured breeders of Harriers, English Foxhounds, American Foxhounds and Beagles. The opportunity to see these four breeds together at an all day seminar was quite unique.