Hunting Certification Program

Accounts of Harrier hunting predate the birth of Christ. As long ago as 1260 A.D., Sir Elias de Midhope established the first recorded pack of Harriers in England. Through the ages, Harriers have enjoyed popularity as versatile scent hounds capable of hunting afoot or as a mounted pack. Although all historians would agree the Harrier’s primary quarry is hare, it is also used to hunt fox, rabbits, and even stag.

The last registered traditional pack of Harriers in the United States was disbanded about 1970. Currently, Harrier hunting in the United States is very limited. In order to promote its use in the field and encourage preservation of the Harrier’s working abilities and instincts, the HCA offers a hunting certification program. Attaining an HCA Hunting Certificate is a prestigious award designed to recognize Harriers who have demonstrated their ability to hunt suitable quarry under natural conditions. 

The objectives of the HCA hunting certification process are to:

  • Promote Harrier hunting in the United States
  • Encourage the preservation of working instincts, abilities, and functional conformation in all Harriers
  • Recognize Harriers demonstrating competence hunting suitable quarry under natural condition

A detailed description of the Harrier Club Hunting Certification, the hunting certification form, and a sample of the certificate are included here.


Harrier Club Hunting Certification

Certification Form

Cerfiticate Sample